4 Ways to Fix hCG Diet ‘Cheating’

People who are on the hCG diet are always looking at the number of calories they’re putting in their bodies and this is especially true if they are currently in phase 2 of the hCG diet. Phase 2 of the hCG diet works best when you only eat a few calories because the hCG hormone […]

Body Dysmorphic Disorders that Fitness Buffs face

Are you the type of person who is a fitness or gym buff and that you are constantly on the lookout for any flaws that you may have? A friend of mine is a gym buff and he is on a constant lookout for anything small in his body. He always makes sure that his […]

Muscletech Phase 8 Whey Protein Supplement

I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, and every after my workout, my muscles are sore and I can really feel that it is growing. But, in order to hasten the growth and recovery process of your muscles, you need to have a protein supplement. These Whey Protein supplements contain a lot of […]