Body Dysmorphic Disorders that Fitness Buffs face

Are you the type of person who is a fitness or gym buff and that you are constantly on the lookout for any flaws that you may have?

A friend of mine is a gym buff and he is on a constant lookout for anything small in his body. He always makes sure that his arms are big, his chest is pronounced, and that his legs are also in tip-top shape.

There was even a time where his biceps were not big enough, so he trained for 3 hours straight just to “correct” it (even though it looks absolutely big, he still thinks that his biceps need more training).

If you’re like my friend who is not satisfied with his body or if you’re the type of person who wants to “correct” your physical appearance, then you may be suffering from a Body Dysmorphic disorder.

Now, there are types of Body Dysmorphic disorders but the general definition of it is an obsession of a perceived physical flaw. I said perceived flaws because these flaws are not visible to other people; it is only visible in your own mind.

There are levels of BDD, but in the most severe cases, people resort to doing stupid things just to “correct” their flaws. Take my friend as an example. His biceps are already huge but he still thinks that it needs a lot of work. So he went on to do a ridiculous amount of bicep curls to “make up for it”.

That is okay in the short term, but if left to its own devices, it could have serious health implications.

BDD is more common in celebrities and fitness and gym buffs. It is because these types of people are constantly being looked at and they are constantly doing things that can improve their physique.

Aside from BDD, there is also another branch of BDD called “Bigorexia”. Bigorexia is a term used for people who suffer some form of BDD where people think that they are not muscular enough.

My friend has a case of Bigorexia and oftentimes, men are the most prone to this type of BDD. If you’re a gym buff or a fitness buff in general and you look in a mirror and you see that one part of your body needs more work, do not go out there and pound that muscle out, seek a friend first.

Seek the help of a friend who doesn’t suffer from any form of BDD and have his or her opinion about your physique. If they look at it and say that it is okay and that that body part is in proportion with your entire body, then you should quell that delusion.

If, however, you’re still not okay with what your friends say, you need to consult a psychologist.

Also, if you have a feeling that you have Bigorexia, ask a friend or other gym members to have a look at your body and put their constructive feedback into heart.

Remember, BDD can lead to serious health problems and if you feel you’re suffering from it, seek professional help immediately.

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